Types of Grass Used in Golf Course Design

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One critical aspect of playability on any course is the type of grass used. A common choice for courses with locations near the coast and with cool summers is bent grass, which comes in multiple varieties. Durable and able to withstand heavy foot traffic, bent grass offers the advantage of enduring short mowings, and will retain its green color with minimal watering.

In warmer weather locations, Bermuda grass is a popular selection, both for its heat tolerance and drought resistance during dry seasons. One caution is that its stems and leaves will die in a frost and the grass will become discolored. Also susceptible to frost, rye grass is another possibility for warm weather fairways and rough that responds well to narrow and close mowing.

Stiff and able to withstand heavy traffic, zoysia grass is also able to weather heat and droughts. A drawback is its lengthy growing time requirements. It is typically reserved for roughs, fairways, and tee boxes.