3D Renders Help Architects Give Their Plans a Greater Level of Realism

An executive possessing extensive experience in the resort and real estate development market, Donald Marr serves as president and CEO of Diversified Investment Group. Responsible for overseeing the company’s property acquisition and development activities across multiple continents, Donald Marr closely follows new technology in the real estate development field.

One technology supporting property development is three-dimensional (3D) renders. While civil engineers and architects once had to rely on hand-drawn sketches or computer-generated two-dimensional floor plans, the introduction of 3D modeling has allowed construction professionals to make more precise building plans in a shorter amount of time.

The 3D rendering technology also enables architects and engineers to add greater visual details to their building plans. The software includes features that customize visuals such as ambient color, lighting, transparency, building texture, reflection, landscaping, and more. All of these adjustable features allow 3D models to look incredibly realistic, which makes it easier for developers to recruit investors and find buyers for their properties.