New Apps Enhance Construction Site Safety

International real estate developer Donald Marr initiates projects as the chief executive officer of Diversified Investment Group in Marbella, Spain. Donald Marr takes a professional interest in new developments in the construction industry, such as smartphone apps that improve site safety. The following four tools have recently entered the market:

– Safety Meeting App: Contractors must pay careful attention to Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. This software streamlines compliance by allowing users to create records of safety incidents, accidents, and near-accidents. Available across all devices, the app also contains more than 950 safety topics across more than 35 trades.

– SafeSite: Designed for high-risk jobs, SafeSite helps managers track possible hazards and note time lost because of injury. These reports, and daily and weekly safety summaries, can be exported as PDF files.

– SafeWorkPro: This app provides access to risk-related documents and Safe Work Method Statements, which outline possible hazards and preventive measures against accidents. It allows managers to track workers who are not submitting risk assessments, and can provide information at sites outside of Internet coverage.

– Nimonik Audit: This app enables the sharing of environmental, health, quality, and safety information among all workers at all locations. Managers can inform workers of violations, organize photos, and create a paper trail of audits.

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