Common Green Building Practices


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Diversified Investment Group

An international resort developer, Donald Marr currently serves as the president and CEO of Diversified Investment Group. As the chief executive of the firm, Donald Marr oversees the acquisition of environmentally sound real estate development projects.

Environmentally sound real estate development typically involves green building techniques, also known as eco-friendly construction practices. Green building techniques aim to minimize the negative impact of a property on the environment and community.

These green techniques, which can be employed during the construction process or during modification of an existing building, reduce energy costs and improve the health of workers. Some common practices include the use of recycled building materials and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints. Energy efficient materials are also often used for insulation, doors, and windows, among other building components.

Moreover, natural light is often emphasized to reduce lighting and energy costs, and water harvesting systems can be employed to minimize waste. To reduce energy costs further, renewable energy systems such as solar panels can also be installed.