Core Activities of the Diversified Investment Group


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Diversified Investment Group

Donald Marr is a successful real estate and resort developer with more than two decades of experience in the development, acquisition, and disposal of large properties and resorts. Currently, Donald Marr serves as the president and CEO of Diversified Investment Group.

Founded in 2007, Diversified Investment Group is an international real estate acquisition, development and marketing firm. The firm operates as a subsidiary of Diversified International Group and focuses its core activities across four continents. These core activities include:

Property development with a focus on resort and residential development .
Real estate acquisition. Properties with economic potential are held, developed, or re-sold depending on market conditions.
Marketing through a sales office network in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Joint venture partnerships and property syndication.
Asset brokerage, which entails acting as a buyer’s agent for international customers.