Sustainable Practices in the Luxury Real Estate Industry


Green Building pic

Green Building

Since 1993, Donald Marr has led Diversified Investment Group as its president and CEO. Under Donald Marr’s leadership, the international real estate and resort development firm places a special focus on environmentally sustainable building practices, often referred to as green building.

Green building is a growing trend within the luxury real estate industry. High-end homes are beginning to include green building features that contribute to sustainability without compromising comfort or beauty. Many of these homes are equipped to be efficient. Geothermal energy use is another way to use naturally available resources while reducing energy waste.

Local and sustainably sourced building materials are not only more eco-friendly but can also add to a home’s sense of place and authenticity, wherever it is in the world. Some luxury homes include roofs or walls that are efficient and naturally beautiful. Including space for gardens can also improve soil health and oxygen production while providing homeowners and guests with fresh produce right from the backyard. In coming years, green building practices for luxury real estate is expected to grow, creating an even better market for sustainable building materials and alternative home energy sources.